A vigil for a schoolboy brutally murdered in Glasgow has been cancelled amid fears it could cause trouble. 

The family of Kriss Donald have requested the planned event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his murder will not go ahead.

A relative claimed that the council had knocked back the plans, which the local authority denies, the Scottish Sun reports.

Glasgow Times:

The 15-year-old's killing by a group of Asian men has been described as one of the worst race-related attacks in Britain.

On March 15, 2004, Kriss was kidnapped by a gang of racist thugs, led by Imran "Baldy" Shahid.

He was abducted, stabbed 13 times, covered in petrol and set alight.

A petition has now been launched after it emerged that one of the killers, Daanish Zahid, could get parole despite his earliest date of release being 2027.

Glasgow Times:

Former English Defence League boss Tommy Robinson was set to join Kriss' loved ones at the memorial bench on March 15, 2024.

But a post from Robinson’s X account later stated: “You may have noticed the recent video of Tommy speaking to the family of Kriss Donald is no longer available. There is a good reason for this.

“Since the publication of the video and the petition Kriss’s family have been extremely stressed, which is understandable given the 20th anniversary of his brutal murder is only days away.

“It is also understandable given the fact that one of his unrepentant killers will be released soon, they are scared.

“So, although unfortunate (but understandable), the silent walk and vigil for Kriss has been cancelled at the request of his family.

“We ask you to understand and respect the family’s wishes at this very difficult time, as we have.”

The relative of Kriss said: “We’ve been told by a parole officer that Daanish is getting out early.

“But we don’t know when and how early. But he’s getting out early. He’s got a family to come home to, he’s got a job to start, he’s got a life.

“We kept getting spoken down to, ‘You are not the victims, Kriss was the victim’. The family were told keep your mouth shut and deal with it.

“To help back the family, give them support, give them some backbone, give them security back.

“So they’re not sitting waiting for that dreaded phone call saying there’s another one out.

“Never let them out. They’re dangerous.”