A city park is expecting a ‘baby boom’ of Highland cows this month after announcing the birth of their first calf of the year. 

18-year-old Highland Cow, Katrine Dubh (Gaelic for black and chosen due to her coat colour), gave birth to her son Alasdair just two weeks ago at Pollok Country Park. 

Glasgow Times:

The handsome boy, who has a bonnie mix of browns and blacks in his coat, is one of four calves who have been born in the park over the last two weeks. 

The newbies join 28 female Highland cows, three bulls, and two young boy bulls - who are expected to be sold in due course. 

Glasgow Times:

Alasdair's birth comes as calving season is well underway at the popular park.

But, Hannah Walsh, apprentice livestock officer with Glasgow City Council who is based in Pollok Country Park said they are expecting many more little ones over the coming weeks. 

It comes after a brand new calf was born on Tuesday morning - who has not yet been named. 

The two others who were born last week are called Callum and Bentley. 

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The Glasgow Times headed to the Southside to meet Alasdair and his mum, who have had quite the journey together so far. 

Hannah said: “Alasdair was born two weeks ago in one of our sheds. 

“He struggled at first to suck on all four teats of his mum – and we have to make sure he uses all four as if he only uses two, the other two can become really sore for the mum. 

“He just wasn’t latching properly.

“But we finally got him to use all the teats and he is getting on really well now. He is just amazing, and Katrine is a wonderful mum.” 

Glasgow Times:

Alasdair is one of 14 calves’ that Katrine has given birth to – and it is safe to say she is one protective mama.

As Katrine kept her eyes on us, she wasn’t shy in exercising her voice.

And when she even tried to chance her luck and walk up to us, Hannah would throw her arms up in the air, which led to the coo backing off. 

Turns out, this is Hannah’s way of ‘putting her own horns up’.

“You have to show them who is boss,” she explains. 

Glasgow Times:

Councillor Ruairi Kelly, Glasgow City Council’s Convener for Neighbourhood Services and Assets, said: “It’s lovely to see the first of the Highland Cattle calves being born at Pollok Country Park. 

“They are extremely popular with park visitors and I’m sure the free Easter talks will be very well attended. 

“Over the next two weeks, the livestock team is due to be very busy delivering lots more calves and making sure the new arrivals get the best start in life before venturing out into the park’s paddocks with their mums.”

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The council will be hosting a number of talks in the park for members of the public to learn more about Alasdair Dubh and some of the other calves in the park. 

The talks will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2 and 3 as well as Tuesday and Wednesday, April 9 and 10. 

Attendees are to meet at the field gate on Pollok Avenue inside the park. 

Talks will take place between 1.30pm and 2.30pm on each of the dates listed above.