A major manufacturing company near Glasgow has announced its closure with tons of jobs at risk.

Unite the Union has said that it has been informed that Valve Components based in East Kilbride has become 'insolvent' with around 100 workers set to lose their jobs.

The company, which is called Valve Components Limited (VCL), provided ‘turnkey’ production services to the aerospace, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

This included equipment engineering, prototype testing and project management services.

It is part of the privately owned Glenalmond Group.

Now, Unite has revealed that they have already approached a number of Glasgow-based employers in the aerospace and manufacturing industries to explore job opportunities for the Valve Components workers.

Additionally, the union has said that no 'notification or consultation' was afforded to the workers or Unite.

Sharon Graham Unite general secretary, said: “Unite will do everything it possibly can to support the Valve Components workers.

"We have already approached a number of Glasgow-based employers to explore potential job opportunities for the workers.

“Yet again, another company appears to be breaching the law by not informing or consulting the workforce in a redundancy situation.

"Be in no doubt Unite will hold Valve Components and every other employer who breaches the law to account.” 

Debbie Hutchings, Unite industrial officer, added: “Valve Components worked largely within the aerospace sector, and it had employed highly-skilled workers for many years with some of the staff having been there for over 30 years.

“We were aware that the company had experienced financial difficulties due to a low order book and it had been looking for buyers.

"However, the news of insolvency came as a massive shock.

"It’s absolutely devastating news for the workers. It’s disgraceful that this was left so long to the point of putting the workforce out of a job with no notice or any warning.”

According to the union, they are in the process of contacting its Valve Component membership in order to progress protective award claims.

A protective award can be awarded when 20 or more employees are made redundant because an employer did not consult before any redundancy announcement.

Employment tribunals can make various awards from 45 days to 90 days of full pay.

Valve Components has been contacted for comment.