A woman ambushed a man months after she was a victim of an alleged hit and run which left her fighting for her life.

Alisha Ferns, 32, and an unknown man pounced on Michael Kelly in Glasgow's Barmulloch on November 10 2023.

Mr Kelly took a taxi with the two strangers and his wallet was snatched by Ferns after leaving the vehicle.

The unknown man went to punch and kick the stricken victim to the head and body leaving him scarred for life.

The incident took place five months after Ferns was ran over near the city centre which received media coverage at the time.

Ferns was rushed to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where she was left in a coma.

She left hospital in October 2023 and did not receive adequate follow up medical care.

Ferns pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assault and robbery to Mr Kelly to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

The court heard that Mr Kelly had been out with friends drinking before he met Ferns and the unknown man.

The trio agreed to take a taxi to Barmulloch.

Prosecutor Emma Baker said: "Once out the taxi, the victim took his wallet out his pocket.

"As he did this, Ferns snatched it and the man assaulted him by punching him on the head then kicked his head and body."

Local residents hearing the disturbance contacted the police.

Mr Kelly was found with a number of injuries to his face.

He stated that he had £40 in his wallet as well as bank cards.

A bag which contained a pair of jeans he purchased that day was also taken.

The victim was taken to hospital where he was treated with stiches for wounds to his right eye and left lip.

He also suffered a wound to his head as well as a gash to his elbow.

Miss Baker added: "Mr Kelly has since confirmed that he has been left with a scar on his lip."

Mark Dunbar, defending, told the court: "She was found unconscious in Bell Street in June 2023.

"This received considerable press coverage about the body of an unidentified woman found unconscious.

"She was identified through her dental records.

"She was in a coma for around 10 weeks and she remained in hospital for a considerable period of time.

"Miss Ferns left hospital in October 2023...this was not suitable for her requirements and was not getting extensive medical care she should have been getting then she descended into the illicit use of drugs.

"The plea is agreed on the basis that she grabbed Mr Kelly's wallet and his bag - she accepts being art and part and the responsibility that comes with that.

"She was not the main actor in this fairly crude expedition."

Sheriff Gerard Bonnar jailed Ferns, who appeared from custody, for 14 months.

He said: "Obviously this is a serious matter - more serious given your record. I will impose custody today."