A Glasgow student is looking to turn people’s lives around with her new workshop initiative.  

Mirren Bell, an engineering student at the University of Strathclyde, is hoping to help people in the city overcome the anxieties of public speaking after battling similar struggles herself. 

Glasgow Times:

Speaking candidly with the Glasgow Times, the 18-year-old said: “I had such a massive fear of speaking publicly, I could hardly speak to one person at once.

“I’m doing a degree where I need to talk out loud and do a lot of group work, but I couldn’t even talk in class, and it was really bothering me.

"We would get asked questions and even though I knew the answers, I just couldn't put my hand up and speak. 

“I knew I needed to overcome it.” 

Glasgow Times:

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In a bid to combat the 'frustrating' problem, Mirren decided to completely put herself out there and apply for a particularly famous TV show. 

Mirren explained: “I applied for The Apprentice. 

“I heard how hard the interview is when you get to the London stage and somehow, I managed to make it that far and interview about a business I didn’t even own yet. 

“I did a few similar ventures, but that was the most ridiculous. 

“I just thought, I may as well do these scary things and try and overcome my anxiety.” 

Glasgow Times:

As she continued to put herself in challenging positions, Mirren eventually decided she wanted to find somewhere in Glasgow that would help her through the journey. 

However, the teen – who is originally from Crail in Fife – said she struggled to find any groups or initiatives that didn't have a '£700' price tag attached to them. 

She added: “I just thought I could set up my own workshops and help people. I think my experience can help others.

“I’ve come to realise how crucial it is to be able to speak publicly in every environment and people who actually progress are the ones that have power in public speaking."

Glasgow Times:

The workshops, which will begin on March 25, will take place at the Merchant’s House in the city centre. 

Mirren aims for the workshops to be ‘really interactive’ and will see attendees sat in pairs with 30 seconds on the clock and a conversation starter.

The pair will then join another, so that by the end of the class, people have accidentally - as Mirren says - spoken in front of and to about 32 people. 

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Mirren said: “I am really excited to get the workshops started.

“I have such a passion for entrepreneurship, and I love sort of making things from the bottom.

“Hopefully I can fill the room.”

If you want to sign up for the workshops or to find out more information, click HERE