Noughties icons S Club (formerly known as S Club 7) have promised ‘dancing and reaching for the stars’ as they headline the Bandstand this May. 

The Bring It All Back hitmakers – which now consists of Jo O'Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Rachel Stevens, Tina Barrett and Jon Lee following the departure of Hannah Spearritt - will be playing the famous Kelvingrove venue on May 29. 

And it will certainly be a party, to say the least. 

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“People can definitely expect dancing and reaching for the stars,” Jo told the Glasgow Times. 

She continued: “We are just out there to have a good time. We want everyone who is coming along to the show to let their hair down, go back to being a teenager and just enjoy it all.”

Bradley added: “It’s always a party. We know people coming are going to have a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to that.” 

This will be the band’s first time playing the Bandstand, whose stage has previously seen sets from the likes of Tom Jones, Hue and Cry and Callum Beattie. 

Glasgow Times:

Jon added that the band are “really excited” to play the venue for the first time – which follows on from S Club’s Good Times Tour last year. 

The tour took them to the likes of Manchester's AO Arena, the O2 in London and Glasgow’s very own OVO Hydro in Finnieston. 

“The Scottish audiences are just so amazing,” Rachel said with a laugh. 

She continued: “They just have such amazing energy. They are always up for it and are so loud and fun. 

“It’s going to be brilliant to come back soon and see everyone.”

Tina added: “We always love coming to Scotland. It’s such a beautiful country and the people are so warm. They don’t hold back, and that’s your perfect crowd. 

“They’re usually so loud – louder than us actually. Scotland is one of my favourite places to play, 100%”

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The 2023 tour celebrated 25 years of the group making music together, which Jo says is an honour.

She explained: “It’s nice to see the fans that were there the first time who are a bit older now and are bringing their own kids to the shows. 

“It’s a legacy that will last forever – and to be a part of that, we feel so lucky.”

Tina added: “I think everyone needs to smile at the moment, it is so grim out there. We’ve come back to cheer everyone up and have an S Club party.

“We’re bringing joy back to pop.”

But the music doesn’t just bring joy to the crowds.

“When I hear Reach on the TV or the radio, I turn it up, I quite enjoy it,” Jo said.

She added: “There is something quite magical that happens when Reach comes on – the place just literally erupts and that always makes me think, wow.”

And speaking of music, Tina seemed to tease that some new sounds might just be on the way.

“It is very likely, watch this space,” she said.

It comes after the band released their first single of 20 years, These Are The Days, as a tribute to late S Club member, Paul Cattermole, who tragically died last April at the age of 46.

Glasgow Times:

"The outpouring of love after Paul passed was just so incredible and special for all of us,” Rachel said.

She added: “We got to celebrate him with everyone, and his memory will always live on through the music we all created together and we’re so lucky for that.”

Jonathan said: “We still talk about Paul all the time, even at every venue we went to on the last tour we were saying, Paul would have loved this and that.

“He is very much with us on this whole journey.” 

Tickets for the Bandstand show are now on sale and can be purchased HERE