Volunteers striving to preserve an historic graveyard have been helped in restoring a section of its wall after a truck smashed into it.

A delivery truck knocked down a section of the wall at the Southern Necropolis which included monuments about two weeks ago.

The Friends of Southern Necropolis have won awards for keeping the Gorbals cemetery well maintained, which is the final resting place of 250,000 people.

Their work suffered a setback when part of its listed wall was recently reduced to rubble but the council stepped in quickly to organise repairs with Councillor Soryia Siddique also supporting the work.

Group chairperson Colin Mackie said: “Recently there has been some damage to the wall within the central section which has been identified and resolved with the current repairs being carried out by Covanburn and we are looking forward to seeing the work completed with the walls being restored to their former condition.”

The group were recently nominated for an award from the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society for their contribution to horticulture and gardening in Scotland and have been four time recipients of the Keep Scotland Beautiful “Community Green Flag” award.

Glasgow Times:

Explaining more about their work, Colin said: “Friends of Southern Necropolis are a not-for-profit community group, consisting of like minded individuals with a passion and dedication to promoting and preserving the many educational, environmental and historical assets of the Gorbals very own City of the Dead.

“The cemetery itself being nearly 19 acres in size and the final resting place of approximately 250,000 contributors to the rich and diverse heritage of the Gorbals and Glasgow, including Sir Thomas Lipton, Alexander Greek Thomson and the legendary White Lady monument and more.”

He said he would like to thank the council’s bereavement services team within the neighbourhoods, regeneration and sustainability department and Councillor Soryia Siddique for their “continued support.”

Councillor Siddique, Labour, said: “Thanks to Friends of Southern Necropolis for arranging a site visit and their dedication to preserve and promote the Southern Necropolis.

“A list of actions have been raised with Glasgow City Council, and I look forward to them being completed.”

The Friends of Southern Necropolis meet up every Saturday afternoon and carry out litter picks and other work. Tours are also available and special events including summer solstice yoga and walking groups are held.