A group of magnet fishers have pulled four guns from a canal in Glasgow. 

Mark McGeachin made the discovery in Maryhill on Saturday morning with fellow members of Glasgow Magnet Fishing.

The group, who use giant magnets to recover items from the water, pulled an incredible 400kg haul from the canal at the weekend. 

They have since turned the guns in to the police, STV news reports. 

The magnet fishing enthusiasts also found an old sign dating to the 1900s, which Mr McGeachin later discovered was worth around £300. 

Mr McGeachin founded Glasgow Magnet Fishing on Facebook in 2020 after coming across the hobby on YouTube.

The group have since found a wide variety of items including knives, hatchets and a motorbike.

“That took some time to pull out and many of us had sore backs the next day," he told STV.

“The group really took off in lockdown, and now we have over 4,000 members from all over the world.

“The group was great for lockdown as it helped get people outside and help their mental health.

"During that time we would have anywhere from 50 to 100 people safely spaced outside magnet fishing together.

"We clean the environment, and the metal we pull gets set to the scrap man and recycled."

Police Scotland said they had not been made aware of guns being handed in to them. 

It comes after we reported that two young boys found a handgun in a canal near Glasgow last year.

Cousins Deejay Crome, 10, and Billy Harris, 12, were magnet fishing at the canal in Kirkintilloch on February 5 when they discovered the firearm.