A man was caught performing a sex act in his car by two child dogwalkers.

Scott Mixter, 46, was snared near Glasgow's Gallowgate on October 5 2022.

The two girls - aged 9 and 12 - raced away from the scene after they came across Mixter at 4.30pm.

He later told a social worker that he was in the area as it was in the city's red light district.

Mixter, of Whitburn, West Lothian, pleaded guilty to a single charge of public indecency.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that the girls went out a walk with their dog when they passed a parked car.

Prosecutor Caitlin O'Hare said: "They saw Mixter within the driver's seat.

"As they walked past, they looked in and saw him performing a sex act on himself.

"The girls immediately ran away and approached an adult they knew and told him what had happened."

The man later saw Mixter's car nearby and challenged him about his behaviour but he drove off.

The police were contacted and Mixter was traced then arrested.


Craig Broadley, defending, told Tuesday's sentencing that his HGV driver client did not target the children.

The lawyer added: "As part of his bail undertaking he was not to enter the East End red light district.

"The reason in saying this is the street of the offence is a well known area in Glasgow.

"His position through has been this was the reason he was in attendance on this occasion.

"He had previously been in attendance, not that it does him any favours, but it puts it in the context of how this offence came to light."

Sheriff Diana McConnell ordered Mixter to do 135 hours of unpaid work and put him under supervision and the sex offenders register for 18 months.

The sheriff said: "This must have been horrifying for these young girls - it must have been frightening and unpleasant.

“You have a previous conviction aged 16 for a broadly analogous matter.

“However, taking account of everything that’s said in the report and what I’ve been told by Mr Broadley, I think there is an alternative to custody.”