An exciting event is set to take place at a popular Glasgow shopping centre this weekend.

Glasgow-based music and dementia charity will host a musical event for shoppers at Princess Square on Saturday, March 30, from 12.30pm until 1.30pm.

It is being held to raise awareness of how meaningful music can help people living with dementia.

Visitors at the centre will be treated to a live piano performance from musician Gus Harrower and he’ll also be taking requests in return for a small donation to the charity.

Glasgow Times:

Meanwhile, staff from Playlist for Life, which advocates for the use of personalised playlists to help people living with dementia to live well, will be on hand to provide free resources and offer support in creating personal playlists while shoppers enjoy their Easter weekend.

All donations from the event will go towards supporting the 90,000 people in Scotland living with dementia.

Rebecca Kennedy, Head of Communities at Playlist for Life said: “Our Easter event at Princes Square in Glasgow will support and connect with shoppers through our free resources while raising awareness about the impactful benefits of music for people living with dementia, and we’re grateful to the team at the centre of the opportunity to hold this event.

“Whether we listen to music regularly or only on occasion, everyone has a unique soundtrack to their life.

"The songs we’ve heard throughout our lives can be key to unlocking memories which can help start conversations and create a sense of connection for someone living with dementia.

“Our work over the last ten years has benefitted countless families as we work and aim to provide everyone with a dementia diagnosis access to a playlist of songs that are personally meaningful to them, and for those who love and care for them to know how to use it.

"To reach this goal, we need vital donations from the public and we hope this event, where you can request a song from our pianist or create a personal playlist in return for a small donation will help us achieve this.”

Katie Moody, Centre Director at Princes Square, said: “We are pleased to host Playlist for Life this weekend and help raise awareness of the support they can offer people living with dementia and their families across Scotland.

"I’m sure our guests will enjoy the musical performances by Gus Harrower and a fantastic Easter weekend for all at Princes Square”.