A memorial was held today to commemorate 19 men who died during the Cheapside Street fire.

Members of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service gathered at the Glasgow Necropolis to remember 14 firefighters and five Salvage Corps officers.

The heroes lost their lives 64 years ago, on the evening of March 28, 1960, when a whisky bond warehouse burned down in Anderston.

An explosion saw the building’s 60-foot-high walls collapse and kill those working to extinguish the flames.

This was the largest loss of life suffered by fire and rescue services in post-war Britain.

The men were commemorated at the service, led by SFRS chaplains Reverend Gordon Armstrong and Father Jim Thomson.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

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SFRS Chief Officer Ross Haggart laid a wreath.

He said: “I am privileged to be here today to remember each of the 19 brave men, who tragically lost their lives fighting the Cheapside Street fire.

“We pay tribute to each of them, as professional firefighters, and colleagues, but they were also Fathers, Husbands, Brothers and Sons. Last year, also saw the tragic passing of Firefighter Barry Martin, following a fire in the former Jenners building in Edinburgh.

“Our past helps to shape who we are, and who we want to be. I am proud to say that the spirit and bravery of those who have gone before us, lives on in those serving today.

“The sacrifice made by the 19 men fighting the Cheapside Street fire will always be remembered. Their memory lives on, and our thoughts will always be with them and their families.”

The men who died were sub-officers James Calder and John McPherson and firefighters Christopher Boyle, William Crocket, Archibald Darroch, Alexander Grassie, George McIntyre, Daniel Davidson, Edward McMillan, Alfred Dickinson, William Watson, John Allan, Gordon Chapman, and Ian McMillan.

Also lost were five members of the Glasgow Salvage Corps: deputy chief salvage officer Edward Murray, leading salvageman James McLellan and salvagemen Gordon McMillan, William Oliver and James Mungall.