Today marks one year since Humza Yousaf became First Minister of Scotland.

He became the youngest first minister, the first from a minority ethnic background and the third Glasgow MSP to hold the post.

Yousaf said every day has been a “privilege” while opponents said it has been a year of “failure”.

It has not been without incident or controversy.

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Within days of taking up the job Peter Murrell, ex SNP chief executive was arrested as part of the investigation into party finances.

A few months later his wife, Nicola Sturgeon, was also arrested.

Both were released without charge.

The arrests however and the images of a police tent outside their home added to the problems for a new first minister in the shadow of his predecessor.

The leadership election campaign had blown apart the famous self-discipline of the SNP under sturgeon and Salmond and Yousaf had a job keeping control and exerting authority.

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Following the Hamas terror attack on Israel and the subsequent bombing of Gaza by Israel Yousaf’s Wife Nadia’s parents were trapped in the region unable to get out.

Glasgow Times:

The SNP suffered a heavy by election defeat in Rutherglen and soon after he sparked controversy and anger among local government with a surprise announcement of a council tax freeze at the SNP conference.

The Scottish Government lost a court battle with the UK Government over the Gender Recognition Reform bill and questions over the party’s independence strategy were still being asked.

Then the Michael Matheson i-Pad scandal dominated headlines for months before he finally resigned as health secretary.

Yousaf said he has pursued a government based on equality and social justice and points to a list of achievement

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Speaking today at a party event in Cumbernauld he is expected to say: “Over the last year, I have been focussed on leading a party and government for all of Scotland - working for everyone, in communities across the country.
“In my first budget, I didn’t prioritise tax cuts for higher earners like the Tories did at Westminster,  I chose instead to prioritise investment in our NHS, education and other public services.

Glasgow Times: Humza Yousaf
“And under my leadership, we’ve worked with councils to deliver a fully-funded council tax freeze next year, keeping money in families pockets when they need it in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis.
“We’ve also increased investment in the game-changing Scottish Child Payment, a benefit which is helping support low-income families that’s only available in Scotland.

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“Recent analysis estimates that around 100,000 children will be kept out of poverty thanks to this policy.”

His opponents and rivals for first minister were scathing in their assessment.

Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader, said: "It's been a year of Humza Yousaf, but it's been 17 years of SNP failure.

"I think if you look at every area of public policy, it is weaker after 17 years of the SNP and weaker still after one year of Humza Yousaf."

Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative leader said: “"Humza Yousaf's first year as SNP leader has been nothing short of a disaster for him, his party and - most importantly - the people of Scotland.

"It's a tale of independence obsession, abject failures and broken promises, of a First Minister out of his depth and unable to control his feuding, scandal-ridden party."