An American pop star performing in Glasgow burst out laughing on stage after a hilarious Glaswegian's one-liner.

Madison Beer performed this week at the O2 Academy.

As part of her show, members of the audience stop cheering for a moment mid-song, to share a quiet moment with the singer.

But at the Glasgow date, a fan broke the silence to shout "shut the f**k up", which made the 25-year-old burst out laughing on stage.

She took a minute to gather herself before continuing the performance.

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The hilarious incident was captured on film and uploaded to TikTok, where it has already gathered over a million views.

People in the comments were amused by the video.

One person commented: "The Scottish accent makes it so much funnier."

Another said: "It makes me so proud to say I'm from Glasgow. We just get it right."

A third added: "You gotta love the Glaswegians, man."

@haydencr.of Think we smashed it tbh #madisonbeer #mutechallenge #glasgow #madisonbeerglasgow #spinnintour ♬ original sound - Hayden