A huge American social media star has praised a Thai restaurant near Glasgow.

Kalani Smith, who goes by 'Kalani Ghost Hunter' on TikTok, recently visited Pad T'aye on Campbell Street in Hamilton.

The internet sensation, who is from Nashville Tennessee, posted a review of the venue on the social media app - where he has almost three million followers.

In the video, he said: "Could this be the first place to get all tens? 

"We are in Glasgow (Hamilton) for what could be the best Thai food in the UK.

"We're at Pad T'aye. 

"This place started as a food truck and it's now a takeaway and restaurant."

The social media star then expressed his 'love' for Thai food, while hoping his meal would be 'spicy'.

As part of his review, the American tried the restaurant's "28-day marinated ribeye" as a starter.

He hailed the dish "incredible".

Kalani said: "Beautiful flavour. You can taste the oyster sauce and the Thai spice on the meat. And then you have the sauce right here which gives it a nice flavour too.

"That is incredible. 10 out of 10. Cooked perfectly."

The TikToker then sampled the venue's "prawn drunken noodles". 

He said: "Now, this is just like Pad Thai, but this one's a little bit spicier."

After trying the dish, he said "Oh wow".

Kalani added: "This is incredible."

He then praised the dish for being cooked to perfection, scoring it a 10 out of 10.

The star then sampled a few more items from the restaurant's menu during his visit.


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