A massive American social media star has praised a popular Glasgow restaurant.

Kalani Smith, known as Kalani Ghost Hunter on TikTok, recently visited Porter & Rye on Argyle Street in the city.

The internet sensation, who hails from Nashville, Tennessee, posted a review of the eatery on social media - where he has almost three million followers.

Kalani captioned the video: "One of the best Scottish steakhouses - Glasgow, Scotland.

"I was in MEAT HEAVEN - this place was incredible."

In it, he said: "I'm craving a Scottish steak.

"I'm going to see what your guy's steak game is all about and I'm here in Glasgow at Porter & Rye."

The social media food critic then showed off the dishes he got.

Kalani said: "First up is the tartare. 

"I will be completely honest - I've never had beef tartare. We're going to give it a go here at Porter & Rye."

He then branded the dish "really tasty", adding: "It's a unique blend of flavour. That's terrific.

"It has a very smoky flavour, but not too overpowering."

The TikToker then sampled the venue's "beef bone marrow with ox cheek" which he claimed was also "really good".

The 'Ghost Hunter' then tried more dishes.

One of them was the restaurant's 50-day aged steaks which included a ribeye, a rump, and a tomahawk steak.

Trying the tomahawk cut, Kalani said: "Beautiful flavours. Cooked to perfection and honestly, one of the best steaks I've put in my mouth."

Taking a bite into the rump steak, he went on to say: "The rump was cooked rare - really good colour on it.

"Honestly, incredible flavours.

"No complaints here."

Eating more meat, the social media star said he was in "meat heaven".

He added: "This is absolutely incredible."

Kalani went on to try other items from the restaurant's menu before giving his final verdict.

The internet personality said he had a "beautiful meal" - rating the Glasgow eatery a 10/10.

Meanwhile, he also praised the venue for having "fantastic" meat.


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