The decision to deactivate a speed camera on a busy road has been branded as “absolute nonsense”. 

Councillor Anne Hannigan, member for Paisley South West ward, has hit out after Safety Cameras Scotland (SCS) recently confirmed the speed camera on Gleniffer Road, Paisley, will be made ‘dormant’.  

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The decision comes as SCS, which operates within Police Scotland, have said they examined collisions at the site and found they have not been linked to the speed of vehicles, as previously reported by the Glasgow Times. 

They added that a review showed driver behaviour has improved at the location, with an average speed of 28mph being recorded – just below the 30mph limit.

Glasgow Times:

However, Councillor Hannigan has said the decision is lacking “common sense”. 

She added: “Steps by Safety Camera Scotland to remove the speed camera at Glenniffer Road, and their reasons for doing so, are absolute nonsense, and are completely lacking in common sense.

"The reason given for stopping this camera from being in use is that ‘collisions have not been linked to the speed of vehicles’, and they state “that a review showed driver behaviour has improved at the location, with an average speed of 28mph being recorded.

“Well, of course, driving behaviour has improved at the location - that's because the camera is there. 

“The moment the camera is removed, or covered up, many drivers will revert to less than acceptable driving and speeds, as is sadly witnessed throughout the area. 

“I was shocked to hear of this decision. I dread this going ahead and then being reversed in the event of a serious accident caused by speeding."

However, Hannigan is not the first councillor to voice her concerns. 

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We previously stated that Councillor Stephen Burns, an SNP representative for Paisley Southwest, who visited the site with Councillor Lorraine Cameron and Councillor Bruce MacFarlane, said: “We’re not happy about this.

“Kids use it as a shortcut when they are coming back and forward from Gleniffer High School.

“Not to mention, the road is often used as a race circuit at night.”

Councillor Hannigan will be campaigning with other local councillors in a bid to overturn the decision. 

A spokesperson for the Safety Camera Unit (West) said: "The camera on Glennifer Road is not influencing the collisions at this location as they are not speed related.

"We will continue to monitor speeds and crash statistics and if there is an unexpected upturn enforcement will recommence."