A Titanic exhibition 'unlike any before' is coming to Glasgow later this year.

History buffs will be able to explore the story of the doomed ocean liner in an immersive experience coming to Box Hub Warehouse in October.

It was named the 'unsinkable ship' and was thought to be the biggest-ever passenger line at the time, but tragically the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 after hitting an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.

Glasgow Times:

Over 2200 passengers were on board, and around 1500 died in the tragic sinking including the ship's captain, Edward Smith. 

In this new exhibition, visitors can follow the Titanic from when it was built in the Belfast shipyards to the night of the sinking in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

They will learn stories about passengers in first, second and third-class accommodation and marvel at genuine artefacts recovered from the ship.

Examples include playing cards and a handkerchief owned by passenger Elsie Bowerman, a cherub statue from the ship's iconic grand staircase, coal from the engine rooms and shrapnel from the shipwreck.

Glasgow Times:

The event description reads: "At the Box Hub Warehouse, you will follow the Titanic’s journey from the Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, through its fateful voyage and sinking, to its rediscovery at the bottom of the Atlantic and the legacy it leaves today. 

"Visitors will be able to see items and read stories about first, second and third class passengers from both ships, as well as discovering items such as silverware and chinaware, a photographic collection from on-board passenger and survivor, Father Browne, plus many more of the Titanic’s interior and exterior artefacts that have been recovered from the wreckage site."

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The Titanic Exhibition will be at Box Hub Warehouse from October 12 to 27, 2024.