GLASGOW residents have been told to turn to homeless services after being evacuated from their homes.

Occupants living next to the India Buildings on Bridge Street were asked to leave their homes on Thursday night by Glasgow City Council after the roof of the 19th-century property collapsed inward and significant movement was noted in the front facade.

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Appalled resident, Graham Watson, told the Glasgow Times that staff from the council turned up at the nearby flats at around 5.30pm on Thursday and told the occupants to leave immediately after Bridge Street was closed for public safety.

Residents were then told to declare themselves homeless and find a hostel to stay in, as the council claimed that finding occupants temporary accommodation was “not their problem”.

The council said it is engaging with affected people who have contacted it for assistance. 

Glasgow Times:

"We're absolutely furious and appalled,” Graham, 50, said.

He continued: "We can't believe this heartless treatment from the council who are just leaving us completely high and dry.

"There are young men and women who live here, as well as a foreign exchange student who has no nearby family, and the council is telling them to just call a hostel. It is appalling.

“We are still all in shock and don’t know what’s going to happen. We have been given no timescale whatsoever.”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The listed building is set to be demolished by the council starting Monday, but no timescale for how long the process will last has been revealed. Graham said this is leaving residents in the dark and “scrambling” for a place to go.

He added: "People have been left scrambling to find accommodation. This is an emergency. 

"We haven’t been told anything and the council hasn't even been in contact since the evacuation on Thursday night.

“It’s just absolutely shocking.”

Glasgow Times:

Residents on Bridge Street have made repeated calls over the last few years, due to concerns over the state of the derelict building. 

"The building has had the same ownership for about 40 years, and it has been neglected for about three out of those four decades," Graham said. 

He added: "It has gradually been falling into disrepair and repeated attempts and calls have been made for someone to step in and make use of the building."

We also previously reported that another resident, Eddie McGonnell, said that repeated concerns were expressed about the condition of the building.

He added: “What does it take to galvanise them into action – the collapse of the building with potential risk to pedestrians?”

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

The factor of the India Buildings is said to be helping residents, like Graham, fight back against the council's actions. 

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A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: “Emergency evacuations require a rapid response to mitigate against immediate danger and potential loss of life.

“We understand this is an upsetting and frustrating experience for those affected. The council has a statutory duty to preserve life in these situations and, following a safety assessment, the decision was taken to evacuate nearby residents.

“Evacuated residents often find alternative temporary accommodation through their own insurance entitlements or with friends and family.

“Should none of these options be available to them, affected residents can declare themselves homeless and the council has a duty to accommodate them. The council is currently engaging with affected people who have contacted us for assistance."​