THE frontman of a major Scottish band has revealed his thoughts on the demolition of a renowned Glasgow building. 

The Glasgow Times previously reported that the India Buildings, in the Southside of the city, will be demolished by the council after the roof of the 19th-century property collapsed inward and significant movement was noted in the front facade. 

Glasgow Times:

Now, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand has said the move will be a "great architectural loss" to the city. 

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, he said: "This is a great architectural loss to Glasgow.

"I have a particular connection to this building, as just behind it is where Franz Ferdinand put on our first events in an old factory we called The Chateau. We used to enter it via this building sometimes."

Glasgow Times:

Kapranos' comments come in response to MSP Paul Sweeney's message on X regarding the demolition. 

He wrote: "India Buildings on Bridge Street has had a roof collapse, destabilising the facade. Neighbouring residents have been evacuated.

"Demolition is sadly inevitable now. Just been on site. I'm working with council officers to try to save the carved pediment and chimneys from the roof."

A date has not yet been revealed for the demolition.