A new weather warning has been issued as Glasgow is set to be battered by heavy rain.

The Met Office issued the alert for rain on Tuesday, April 9 affecting the city as well as the Borders, Edinburgh, Perth and Aberdeen. 

It comes into force at 1am.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has 18 regional flood alerts in place, and 37 local flood warnings.

The warning is in place in parts of the north and west Highlands, the Isle of Skye, and much of the Hebrides. Gusts of up to around 60mph are anticipated.

There is no warning in place for Monday, however, the Met Office has another warning for rain in place on Tuesday which affects much of Scotland.

Sepa warned that significant flooding in coastal areas is possible, particularly in the Western Isles and Orkney due to the threat of high tides and waves.

It says there is still a danger to life and the risk of property flooding, road floods and disruption to infrastructure remains in place.

Sepa also warned of river flooding on Tuesday in southern, central and north-east Scotland.

Janine Hensman, Sepa’s flood duty manager, said: “Across Sunday, we’ll continue to see high tides, storm surge and large waves across coastal areas. This combination is particularly dangerous – especially around high tides.

“There is real danger to life from wave overtopping, particularly around causeways, coastal roads and paths.

“While the risk is greatest around high tide times, our message is clear: Take extra care if you are near the coast at any point and stay well clear of waves and water.

“Be careful when travelling around exposed coastal areas and don’t walk or drive through flood water as there may be hidden hazards”.

We previously reported that police shut off North Hanover Street between Cathedral Street and George Square due to safety concerns as debris was blown from a building onto the street.

She added: “Whilst Storm Kathleen will ease on Sunday evening, another weather system is on the way. Significant flooding from rivers and surface water is possible in southern, central and north-eastern areas on Tuesday, with coastal flooding continuing due to high spring tides.

“Flood alerts and warnings are in place so stay up to date though our website. We will continue to work with the Met Office to monitor the situation 24/7 and review regional flood alerts and local flood warnings as required.

“We advise people to sign up to Floodline to receive free updates for where they live, or travel through, directly to their phone.

“People can also check our flood updates for all the latest information and view the three-day Scottish flood forecast to see what conditions are expected further ahead”.