UPDATE: This fault has been resolved.

Glasgow trains face being cancelled again due to another incident.

There has been a signalling fault at Bellgrove station on Wednesday morning.

Services between Springburn and Milngavie are therefore at risk of being cancelled, delayed or revised. 

Engineers from Network Rail are on their way to fix the issue, but for now customers should look for alternative routes via Glasgow Queen Street high level. 

ScotRail said: "Due to a signalling fault at Bellgrove, services between Springburn and Milngavie may be subject to delays, cancellations or revisions.

"Please check alternate routes through Glasgow Queen Street High Level or use station help points for assistance."


Network Rail said: "We are responding to a signalling fault at Bellgrove, impacting services between Springburn and Milngavie. Teams are onsite to investigate."

They apologised to anyone affected by the fault. 

A spokesperson said: "Sorry if you're affected by the signal fault at Bellgrove. We've been working to fix it while keeping as many trains running as we can. Working with ScotRail we've created a gap in the train service at 09:30 to allow our team time to carry on fault-finding. More soon."