A PRIVATE hire driver who put a heated iron on his wife’s body has been refused permission to continue working in the city.

Sabad Mehmood asked Glasgow’s licensing committee to renew his licence, but Police Scotland argued he is “not a fit and proper person”.

Councillors rejected his application after an officer reported how Mr Mehmood had been convicted of domestic assault in January this year. 

She said the applicant had “on various occasions” between January 2017 and March 31, 2019, assaulted “his then-wife” who “during part of this period was pregnant”.

The committee heard he had “threatened to throw her out of her home, pulled her towards the front door and placed a heated iron on her body”.

He had also “seized her by the neck and hit her against a wall” and “seized her by her clothing and repeatedly struck her in the head”, the officer said.

She added between April 2019 and July 2022 the applicant did “on various occasions repeatedly shout and swear towards his partner and their child”.

The officer said: “On separate occasions, he seized her by the head and shook her head, stating to her that she should die a torturous death and punched her to the head."

Councillors were also told he “spoke to her in a derogatory manner” and “questioned her whereabouts when not in his company”.

When the relationship ended, the applicant followed her on “various occasions, waiting outside her home in his car”, the officer added.

The committee heard Mr Mehmood had been sentenced to 250 hours of unpaid work and given a restriction of liberty order for four months, which means he must remain in his home between 8pm and 7am.

He was also ordered to refrain from approaching, contacting or communicating with two persons in any way, not to enter two streets or visit a Glasgow school.

Councillor Alex Wilson, SNP, who chairs the committee, asked whether the applicant thought he was “a fit and proper person to be holding a licence”.

Mr Mehmood said he was and he wanted “to continue my job to support my family and my daughter”. 

Councillor Wilson said: “I’m absolutely disgusted. I think what Police Scotland has read out is shocking. You are saying you are a fit and proper person, someone who places a heated iron on their partner’s body, they are a fit and proper person?”

Mr Mehmood said there was no evidence of the offences, but councillor Wilson said: “You were found guilty.”

The committee chair added: “Do you honestly think, given the narrative that we have in front of us, that you should be taking the public around the city? When you have been convicted of domestic assault?

“That is the person you are supposed to love and take care of, and you failed to do it. You lifted your hands against someone you are supposed to be looking after.

“We have to think if you can do that to the person who is closest to you, could you do that to a member of the public?”