A GROUP of nurses at a Glasgow hospital is hosting a special event this month in a bid to brighten the lives of patients undergoing treatment. 

Alison Taylor, Stephanie McLean, Kelly Anne McMillan and Meghan Lavelle spend their day-to-day taking care of children aged five to 12 who have severe mental health disorders such as anorexia, psychosis and post traumatic stress disorder in ward four of the The Royal Hospital for Children. 

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Glasgow Times:

“Most people don’t know about us; they don’t even know we exist because they don’t expect someone under the age of 12 to struggle with their mental health,” Alison, 27, told the Glasgow Times. 

Stephanie, also 27, added: “These kids are not kept in for short stays, they are here for months and even up to a year in some cases. 

“It is so hard seeing the kids unwell.

“Their parents and guardians can’t stay on the ward and depending on where the family are based, they can’t even be in Glasgow during the week as we have kids from as far out as Oban. 

“Spending the weekend with family and siblings is so precious to the kids.” 

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Noticing how big of a difference family time makes to the children, these NHS superstars have decided to throw a charity ball to raise funds which will be used to send the kids on trips and weekends away with their families. 

Alison said: “We see the difference in the kids when they get to go home for the weekend or see their families. 

“Going home allows them to see that their discharge is close and that is something they can hold on to and work towards. 

“The more freedom they have, the better they feel, and you can see that difference.” 

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Stephanie added: “We take the kids out for day trips and see how much they enjoy it. We thought it would be so nice if they had time where they could go away with their family. 

“We have kids from Oban, and that’s where their siblings are and knowing that just made us want to do something where they could go away with their family.”

Glasgow Times:

The charity ball will take place at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in the city centre on April 27. 

The evening will be hosted by Gina McKie, radio presenter for Go Radio, and will feature “lots of music, auctions and even prizes".

Tickets cost £65 per person, which includes attendees’ meals, drinks reception and all the entertainment. 

Glasgow Times:

Tickets for the event are available to purchase now and all money raised will go towards the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity. 

To buy tickets, click HERE

Stephanie added: “The more people we can get, the more money and awareness we can raise.”