A university student claims her life has been turned upside down after the roof collapsed on a 19th-century building forcing her nearby flat to be evacuated. 

Broné Jaya Murray, 22 and her partner Aaron, 26, were evacuated from their Oxford Street home following the collapse of the India Buildings roof in the city's Southside earlier this month.

The demolition of the building which sits on Bridge Street is currently underway.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

Broné said: “The whole experience has been so crazy and mental, it feels like a fever dream. 

“We have found ourselves up to high doh with the stress of this. 

“I am in my final two weeks of university and I’ve had to put that all aside. 

“I worry I won’t pass because this is all eating into my university time and what does that mean for me? 

“The evacuation has put my future on hold. We know that life has to go on, but when you have university to worry about and jobs it all just adds to the stress.” 

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Glasgow Times:

Broné and Aaron were left searching for a place to live following the evacuation which they have now secured. 

She said: “Thankfully, we are sorted now and have somewhere to stay which was all thanks to social media and not the council or anyone else for that matter. 

“We reached out to people online and a friend of a friend had a place for us to let out. 

“We are so lucky to have a roof over our heads now but there is just no guarantee that we can continue staying here for the 16 weeks that the council are quoting for the demolition."

Broné claimed that Glasgow City Council have not helped any of the residents, including herself, with temporary accommodation and have not corresponded much, if at all, since the emergency eviction. 

However the local authority insists that they are giving residents as much information as they have and offered advice on access to homeless services. 

Glasgow Times:

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She added: “I’ve only lived here a year and my family aren’t nearby. 

“The council telling me to go to a homeless unit or hostel was just terrifying as a young person in a big city. 

“When I contacted the homeless unit, it was so scary and everything was uncertain. They were quoting £70 a night to stay in the Charles Rennie McIntosh building just for myself. 

“That building is scary enough to walk past, never mind stay in.” 

The Glasgow Times revealed last week that resident Scott Lindsay has found his life to be "in limbo" following the evacuation, while occupant Graham Watson has been left feeling appalled and disgusted by how the council handled the evacuation. Glasgow Times:

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson said: "On the day of the evacuation, all of the residents were advised that if they had no access to other accommodation such as the homes of friends and family, they could contact the council's homelessness team and contact details were given. The council has no other temporary accommodation that we can offer.

"As much information as possible has been given to the displaced residents so far, and this will continue as new and relevant information becomes available. We understand that this is a distressing time for these residents, but there would be little point in constant contact if there is no new/further information to give, our building standards officers are always available and happy to answer questions, and the residents have their details."