60 workers at Glasgow Airport will receive a pay rise after Unite stepped in.

 The cleaners - employed by ABM but based at the airport - had their basic wages increased to £12.10 per hour effective from April 2024 up from £11 per hour in the previous year.

This represents a 10% pay uplift.

Night shift pay also rose to £12.90 from £11.50 an hour, the equivalent of a 12.2% boost in the shift rate.  

The pay deal was overwhelmingly accepted by Unite members and represents a victory for the ABM cleaners in a long-running union campaign to have basic pay levels sustained above the real living wage level.


Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary, said: “Unite has delivered another significant win at Glasgow Airport for our ABM members.

"This has ensured a double-digit pay rise for two years running. Crucially it delivers a pay rate for our members above the real living wage. Unite does what it says on the tin, we win better jobs, pay and conditions for our members.” 

Pat McIlvogue, Unite regional industrial officer, added: “The ABM pay offer was overwhelmingly accepted by our members at Glasgow Airport.

"We have worked hard to ensure that the cleaners get a decent pay award year in and year out. The 10%pay rise will give our members a boost to their pay packets and represents another success story for Unite at Glasgow Airport."