The Greens have said they would vote in favour of a no confidence motion in Humza Yousaf.

Patrick Harvie, Scottish co-leader said: “If asked do the Scottish Greens have confidence in Humza Yousaf they will have to say no.”

A vote could be brought as early as next Thursday in Holyrood after Tory leader Douglas Ross said he was lodging a no-confidence motion in the First Minister.

It comes on a fast moving day for Scottish politics after Humza Yousaf ended the Bute House agreement with the Greens and sacked Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater as ministers.

At First Ministers questions Ross announced his plan for a no confidence motion.

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Hours later the Greens outlined their position.

The SNP has 63 MSPs, one short of a majority needed to survive the vote.

If Labour and the LibDems back the Tories and the Greens also vote no confidence that wold be 64 in favour of no confidence.

It could then come down to how the sole Alba MSP, Ash Regan would vote, to tie it at 64/64 leaving the presiding Officer with the casting vote.

The convention is the Presiding Officer supports the status quo on final votes.

Regan lost out to Humza Yousaf for SNP leadership then resigned from the SNP and joined Alex Salmond’s Alba Party.

Harvie confirmed if it is a simple no confidence motion, yes or no, the green MSPs would vote no.

He said: “What on earth did Humza Yousaf think would happen.” Adding he has “burned his bridges”.

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Harvie added: “The First Minister decided the Bute House agreement was not of any value. An agreement he said “Locked in a pro independence government and the confidence and supply that underpins that”.

The Green co-leader said the party “take no pleasure in the situation” which he said was brought about by Humza Yousaf.

But added it was “not reasonable that he can rely on Green votes in the chamber”.

Harvie said the Greens would “Never vote to put the Tories in Power under any circumstances.”

Asked if they would support SNP former minister and leadership contender, Kate Forbes, he added: “Of Course not.”