More than 300 taxis are still not compliant with Glagow’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) rules, it has been confirmed. 

During this week's city administration committee, a council officer advised councillors that around 350 taxis were still non compliant and 76 had been given an exemption. 

It comes as an updated report on Glasgow’s Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) was presented to councillors, which highlighted the steps the local authority is taking to reduce air pollution between 2024 and 2029. 

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So far this includes, alternatives to private vehicle use, promoting low emission transport, promoting travel alternatives, public information, transport planning and infrastructure, traffic management and vehicle fleet efficiency.

During the meeting councillor Saqib Ahmed raised questions on the number of taxis which meet the LEZ rules. 

Councillor Ahmed said: “Can someone please advise how many taxis are there that operate within the city centre that do not meet the LEZ requirement.

“What is the council doing to help the taxi drivers move towards a vehicle that is compliant with the LEZ?”

A council officer confirmed that a number of taxi operators had been applying for funding to go through the retrofit process. 

Councillor Angus Millar, Glasgow’s convener for climate, the Glasgow green deal, transport and city centre recovery also said that the council would continue to be “flexible” beyond June 1.

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Councillor Millar said: “The number has been changing as more and more taxi operators who have been continuing to go through the process have been applying for and in many cases receiving their most up to date exemptions to allow the work to be completed to be compliant.

“We are continuing to be flexible beyond June 1 so that when the process has been initiated to achieve retrofit we are supporting taxi operators to continue to undergo that process.”

A council officer added: “At this point in time we believe that there are around 350 taxis which are still non compliant, 76 taxis have been granted an exemption to their extension and another 15 approved and pending. 

“There are a number of operators now that are going through the process of submitting applications in relation to the new funding and availability.”