A man was caught with an Ulster Volunteer Force flag while he was alongside an orange walk.

Matthew Buchanan, 45, was snared with the flag in Glasgow’s Dennistoun on July 1 2023.

The city’s sheriff court heard that officers were at a procession which took place on Duke Street around 4pm.

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Officers were requested to approach the marchers in relation to someone being spotted with a flag of a “proscribed organisation”

Prosecutor Louise James said: “Officers walked along the path and they saw Buchanan in possession of a flag draped over his back.

“There was symbolism of the Ulster Volunteer Force which is a proscribed organisation as well as the lettering UVF.”

Officers stopped Buchanan, of Paisley, Renfrewshire, and removed the flag.

He was cautioned and charged then replied: “I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to have it.

“I purchased it from a street vendor on Glasgow Green earlier today.”

The Orange Order has stated that no street vendors were allowed into Glasgow Green on the day the march and told the Glasgow Times that Buchanan is not a member of the Orange Order.

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Buchanan pleaded guilty on Friday to carrying and displaying a flag with symbolism and initials of the UVF in such a way or in circumstances as to arouse reasonable suspicion that he was a member or supporter of the organisation.

Darran Khorasani, defending told the court: “He shouldn’t have had it and didn’t know he shouldn’t have had it but that is not an excuse.

“He apologises for having it.”

Sheriff Thomas Ward fined Buchanan £420 and Mr Khorasani asked if his client, who is unemployed, could pay £20 per month.

The sheriff replied: “No, it cost him more to buy the flag.”

The lawyer then agreed that Buchanan will pay £40 per month.