A Glasgow library is set to host an exhibition of Yoko Ono's work.

The Glasgow Women’s Library will present Peace Arbour part of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2024. It will kick off on June 7.

As a highlight, a temporary orchard will open next month in the Bridgeton area of the city.

Glasgow Times: Reiko Goto Collins created a fruit tree nursery and a gathering space for discussion, learning, and

Glasgow Times:

At the heart of this orchard is Yoko's Wish Tree which encourages people to express personal their wishes, hopes, and needs, and tie them to a branch of the tree.

All wishes will be returned to Yoko and continue in connection with her Imagine Peace Tower, an art installation in Iceland dedicated to her late husband John Lennon.

Glasgow Times: Yoko Ono Think Peace Flag

After creating her first Wish Tree installation in 1996, she has collected almost two million wishes from more than 200 trees in over 35 countries.

This is the second Yoko Ono Wish Tree to be planted in Scotland with the first being in Edinburgh in 1998.

The indoor and outdoor exhibition will also feature the work of Glasgow-based artist Reiko Goto Collins.

At the orchard, Ms Collins created a fruit tree nursery and a gathering space for discussion, learning, and reflection.

During the festival, between June 7 and 23, the orchard will host performances and discussions by Collins and the team at Glasgow Women’s Library.


Adele Patrick, co-director of Glasgow Women’s Library, said: "We are thrilled to have two remarkable artists contributing to our GI 2024 programme.

"We are painfully aware that this festival takes place at a time of febrile politics, widespread trauma and conflict between atomised and alienated communities and an existential climate emergency.

"Yoko Ono’s prescient contributions to the discourses of peace, feminism and nature will be speaking powerfully to these themes offering up a message of power, inside our space, on the façade of our building and within our new garden space."

The exhibition, which will run until August 31, will start at 7am with a performance in the orchard.

For more information, go to https://tinyurl.com/5hxzk3sh.