Humza Yousaf has officially resigned as First Minister.

The Glasgow Pollok MSP sent his resignation letter to King Charles today paving the way for the Scottish Parliament to elect his successor.

John Swinney, confirmed as the new SNP leader yesterday, is expected to be voted in this week.

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In his letter to the King Yousaf said: “With my humble duty, I write as anticipated in my letter to Your Majesty of 29 April to tender to Your Majesty my resignation from the office of First Minister. 

"I propose that my resignation take effect from the start of Scottish parliamentary plenary business on Tuesday 7 May 2024.

“Throughout my time as First Minister, I have been most grateful for your counsel and the kindness you have shown to both Nadia and I.

“It has been my pleasure to serve Your Majesty and the people of Scotland since March 2023.”

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After his resignation, Yousaf said it was a post he never dreamt he could hold.

He said: “Being the First Minister of the country I love, the country I am raising my family in, and the only country I will ever call home has been a phenomenal honour.  

“As a young Muslim boy, born and raised in Scotland, I could never have dreamt that one day I would have the privilege of leading my country – people who looked like me, were not in positions of political influence, let alone leading governments when I was younger.”

“I am proud to have delivered a council tax freeze for households in every local authority in Scotland, invested record amounts in our National Health Service, removed peak fares on our railways, and approved plans for Europe’s largest floating offshore windfarm. And through our actions, an estimated 100,000 children are expected to be kept out of poverty this year.

“From the backbenches of the Scottish Parliament, I will continue to champion the rights and the voices of those who are often not heard, be they at home or abroad.”