A Barlinnie prisoner was caught with an unauthorised SIM card.

Mohammed Dehir appeared from custody at Glasgow Sheriff Court after he pleaded guilty to having the communication device without reasonable excuse.

Around 1.30pm on June 22, 2023, two prison officers visited his cell to change the bedding.

When they came in the door, Dehir threw his pillowcase at the door.

It was inspected and a prison-issued mobile phone was recovered with a non-prison-issued SIM card. He admitted it was his.

The SIM card was seized and police were called.

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At the hearing, Dehir's lawyer said: "He is 38 years old and currently in prison.

"He knows that the court may impose a custodial sentence. Community-based disposals did not go in the past the way we hoped.

"He is fully accepting that there may be a jail sentence.

"He understands that the court will consider further jail time. I ask you to run it from today."

Sheriff Simone Sweeney sentenced him to 26 days in jail.