A Glasgow soup kitchen is urging more people to volunteer with them at its new night shelter launched in the city centre earlier this year. 

Homeless Project Scotland is a charity that is run entirely by volunteers across the country, and aims to offer a safe haven for those experiencing homelessness while working with them to break the cycle of homelessness.

Set up in 2019 by founders Colin McInnes and Fraser Riddle, the organisation runs a soup kitchen under Glasgow Central on Argyle Street, a food van, street teams and a 24/7 phone line.

Glasgow Times:

This winter, Homeless Project Scotland introduced the country’s first entirely volunteer-run emergency night shelter at Glassford Street.

The charity will now continue to offer the service and a review will take place on a month-by-month basis to make sure there are enough volunteers to run it. 

But it needs more people to step up and help those in need. 

Mr McInnes said: “As the CEO and Founder of Homeless Project Scotland, I am reaching out to the compassionate community of Glasgow with an urgent plea for help. 

“Our night shelter, which provides a safe haven for 35 vulnerable individuals each night, is in desperate need of more volunteers to keep our doors open and our services running smoothly. 

“We rely heavily on the dedication and generosity of volunteers to ensure that those experiencing homelessness have a warm place to stay, food to eat, and the support they need to get back on their feet.

“Without your help, many will be left with nowhere to turn. I urge every Glaswegian who cares about the welfare of our community to consider donating their time to this vital cause. Your support can make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

“Together, we can continue to provide a lifeline to the vulnerable and help build a stronger, more compassionate Glasgow. Please join us at Homeless Project Scotland and become a part of the solution. 

“Your involvement is not just appreciated; it is essential. Thank you for your kindness and support.”

Glasgow Times: Colin McInnes and Barry CushleyColin McInnes and Barry Cushley (Image: Newsquest)

The charity has been delighted to work with Barry Cushley the owner of Glassford Street who is looking forward to helping them move forward in their mission. 

Barry said: “We ran a three-month pilot with Colin and his team to get people off the streets in winter – but he showed quickly that this service is desperately needed.

“ We are here to help and support Colin and Homeless Project Scotland going forward, especially after seeing the impact Colin has made and the staggering numbers of people he has helped.”