Glasgow City Council is to spend £5.3 million on 22 new diesel bin lorries.

The vehicles would meet the standards of the city’s low emission zone as they are Euro emission standard 6.

Councillors are being asked to approve the contract for the supply of the rubbish collection trucks to Farid Hillend Engineering Limited.

A council paper said there was little choice in the market for alternative fuel vehicles.

The paper to be presented to a meeting later this week, said: “Due to the high volume of collections on tenemental routes there is a requirement for the refuse collection vehicle (RCV) cab to accommodate up to four operatives.

It added: “The limited market availability of alternatively fuelled refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) to meet the council’s operational requirements dictated a focus on Euro emission standard 6 – RCVs to significantly reduce the emission profile of the fleet currently being utilised.”

Farid Hillend Engineering was chosen as the recommended supplier after the firm met quality threshold criteria and other bids failed to do so.

Councillors are due to decide on the deal at the Contract and Property Committee on Thursday.

The old bin lorries being replaced will be sold, ‘disposed off’ or have parts reused buy the council in other vehicles.

The move to buy the new vehicles comes after the council had previously hoped to buy 19 futuristic hydrogen powered trucks.

The deal to purchase the hydrogen fuel cell refuse collection vehicles was cancelled due to technical and cost difficulties as the market is not mature enough a meeting heard last year.