Inspectors have praised a Bellshill school following a recent visit.

The Education Scotland team said children at Lawmuir Primary are learning in a “nurturing environment” and added: “They are polite, kind, caring and ensure everyone is included in their school.”

Inspectors also praised the teachers for their “effective use of digital technology to engage children in their learning” which is “enhancing children’s experiences across all areas of their learning.”

Glasgow Times: Pupils and staff at Lawmuir Primary in Bellshill

The report added: “The headteacher and staff place a strong priority on children’s wellbeing which is leading to improved outcomes.

“They demonstrate a strong desire to continue to improve approaches learning and teaching.”

Miss Tracy Hurst, Lawmuir Primary’s headteacher, said: “We are delighted with this report, which highlights the strong collegiate working ethos that exists across our school community, and I’d like to thank all the pupils, parents and staff for what we have achieved together.”

Glasgow Times: A young pupil at Lawmuir Primary

She added: “Being recognised as a school which is improving outcomes for children is due to our strong focus on children's wellbeing and the focus we’ve had on our improvement priorities.

“As a school community we have a renewed focus on building on our existing effective practice to provide appropriate support and challenge for all our learners.”

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Councillor Michael McBride, North Lanarkshire Council’s education convener, said: “I know that the entire school community at Lawmuir will be delighted with this positive inspection report, which reflects everyone’s commitment to providing children with a supporting and nurturing environment to learn.”

Inspectors outlined three areas for improvement, which were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from North Lanarkshire Council.

The report said: “The leadership team now need to develop and embed a more strategic approach to improving outcomes for children across the school. To support this, the headteacher should review the roles, responsibilities and remits of promoted staff.”

It also noted the school should “build on existing effective practice, and plan learning across the school that provides appropriate support and challenge for all learners” and “ensure all children make the best possible progress in their learning” alongside continuing to “raise attainment in reading, writing, numeracy and mathematics.”

The full report is available on the Education Scotland website.