Concerned parents from a Glasgow primary school worried that their children face an hour-long walk through a graveyard and past a motorway are meeting with the director of education over the issue.

A group of mums whose children attend Wallacewell Primary School in Robroyston have been asking the city council to arrange a bus service to transport children attending Smithycroft Secondary School when term starts in August.  

So far parents have been advised that children can use the number 8 bus which has been described as unreliable. Although one bus can get children there for 8.50am if it is late children don’t get to school until after 9am. 

Parents, whose children already attend Smithycroft, say they sometimes face rude and inappropriate customers.

Chloe Porter, one of the concerned parents, said: “Smithycroft High School is the feeder school for Wallacewell Primary. There was previously an article in the media that said it was safe for children to walk from Robroyston to Smithycroft which is in Riddrie.

“We have been advised that it is safe to walk through a graveyard which is the quickest way to get to the school. 

“The parents did a mass walk of the route and discovered that it is over an hour and the kids have to pass over two motorway bridges.

“But we have been told that the council can’t justify putting on a bus for 15 pupils which was the amount of pupils going from Robroyston at the time. It is likely to be more this year.

“There is no activity within the community or engagement to try and solve the issues we have raised.”

Lynsey Kane, another concerned parent, added: “The kids have to use the number 8 bus service which is very unreliable.

“There is only one bus which can get them there for the school starting at 8.50am and if it doesn’t turn up or is late, they won’t get to school until 9am. 

“Children who live within the 2.2 mile radius have been told that children should use a free travel pass.”

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that a meeting with parents has been arranged.

First Bus has also been approached for comment.