A PERVERT secretly recorded nine women and a young girl in toilet cubicles.

Sean Miller, 24, made the sick videos on his mobile phone between January and August 2023 at locations in Glasgow.

Miller flaunted a court bail order after he had already recorded nine women.

Miller went on to capture a further victim who bravely confronted and dragged him by the collar to be reported.

His phone was seized and footage found included a seven-second clip of a girl as young as 10 using the toilet.

Miller pleaded guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court to 10 charges of voyeurism.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and assaulting a police officer.

The court heard Miller entered a toilet cubicle at Govan Shopping Centre on the afternoon of January 24.

Prosecutor Lauren Sangray said: "She felt something was off and looked up to see a black phone hanging from the top of the cubicle.

"She shouted and heard someone run from the toilets."

The woman later contacted security and CCTV was used to identify Miller.

Miller went on to carry out identical conduct on a further eight victims at the shopping centre as well as an Asda in Govan.

Recordings later recovered from his seized phone showed a seven-second video from February 18.

Miss Sangray said: "This was of a female child who appears to be aged between 10 and 13 using the toilet.

"This was taken over the top of the cubicle and the footage zooms in on her underwear.

"The child is unaware."

Miller was granted bail in April and went on to record another woman at Pollok House in Pollok Country Park.

Miss Sangray said: "She saw someone holding a phone over the cubicle partition.

"She exited the cubicle and grabbed Miller by the collar.

"He struggled with her and stated 'I didn't, I didn't'.

"Both attended the cafe and she shouted for help while holding on to Miller."

Miller was taken to the staff area but he was able to flee the scene.

However, his image was recorded on CCTV and reported to the police who were able to identify him.

His mobile phone was seized and some of the footage was found on it.

The footage ranged between seven seconds to 1 minute and 49 seconds. 

Some of the women were unaware they were being filmed.

Charles Drummond, defending, told the court that his client is a "troubled young man."

The lawyer added: "He appreciates something has to be done to address these issues given his age. He is realistic in that regard."

Sentencing was deferred until next month by Sheriff Tony Kelly.

He said: "You have pled guilty to very serious offences - this takes your offending beyond your previous convictions.

"The court is very concerned about the risk you pose to the public at large.

"I will continue for background reports to see the risk you present and see if my powers are sufficient to deal with you."

Miller was put on the sex offenders register in the meantime.