A number of projects based in and around Glasgow have been given funding to transform community spaces.

Up to £6,000 of Nature Hubs grants have been awarded to nine community groups in Scotland by environmental charity Hubbub and funded by Starbucks.

These grants aim to turn more areas into vibrant community greenspaces. The projects bring communities together in nature while building climate resilience.

Three projects across Glasgow have been specifically chosen for funding. These include developing a community garden at The Women’s Centre in Maryhill, transforming a disregarded and vandalised 'hidden garden' in Tollcross Park and restoring an access path in the People's Garden in Priesthill.

More than £560,000 in grants are being given to 100 Nature Hubs projects across Great Britain.

The overarching goal is to encourage people's affinity towards nature and green spaces.

Recent research conducted by Hubbub pointed out that around a quarter of people in Scotland currently spend less than an hour a week in nature.

However, more than half of the people are keen to spend more of their time outdoors.

Encouragingly, the poll also highlighted an underlying enthusiasm, showing that eight in 10 people in Scotland feel better after spending time in nature.

However, nearly half the respondents reported barriers inhibiting spending more time outdoors.

Some of these include lack of green spaces, unpleasant conditions, feelings of insecurity, or absence of nearby greenery.

Gavin Ellis, co-founder at Hubbub said: "Access to safe and inclusive green spaces, particularly in urban areas, is so critical to our mental, physical and social wellbeing.

"The Nature Hubs initiative is designed to make these natural spaces - and the many wonderful ways to engage in environmental activities within them - much more accessible for everyone.

"We received so many incredible applications from community groups across the region and are really excited to work with all our new Nature Hubs partners in Scotland to see the impact these varied and ambitious plans will have on local communities."

The Nature Hubs scheme is funded by Starbucks' 5p Cup Charge.

It focuses on building stronger, greener communities across the UK.

The fund seeks to improve people’s connection with nature by creating green spaces within a 5km radius of Starbucks stores.

A map showing all the winning projects and locations has been developed, with many providing volunteering opportunities to residents.