Govan residents are calling for a new ATM after the area’s last bank closed in January as the local population grows with new flats going up.

Bank of Scotland shut its doors in January and its cash machine has now been boarded up.

The move has left people with a lack of access to a readily available cash machine according to Govan Community Council.

The community council wants a cash machine added at the subway station and for Govan to get a ‘banking hub,’ which would see a counter service at a post office.

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Community council co-opted member Gordon Mackay warned some businesses are having to hold onto additional cash due to a lack of a bank.

Pointing out there are more than 100 shops in Govan town centre as well as a significant population, he believes banking facilities are badly needed.

Commenting on the closed bank, Mr Mackay said: “I was a long-standing customer and the staff were absolutely excellent. We knew them on first-name terms. ”

Community Council secretary Esme Clark said with so many new flats being erected in the neighbourhood, Govan needs banking services to cater for the population boost.

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Ms Clark said: “There are at least four developments of modern flats going up. Govan is starting to live again. Imagine moving into Govan and thinking: ‘where is the bank?’ It makes Govan look bad.”

There are only three machines in the vicinity but they are not available for enough hours in the day or offer what is needed according to the community council.

One is in the Govan Cross Shopping Centre, which closes at 6pm.

Another is located at a shop Day Today but that only allows debit card withdrawals and £50 maximum.

Another bank machine on Govan Road is “out of the way” and even a local “would struggle to find it” according to Ms Clark.

Pointing out how busy the cash machine is in the shopping centre, she said: “I have seen 12 people queuing at it.”

The pair believe the subway station is ideal as it is well-lit and open early in the morning until after 11pm.

The community council hope a new banking hub could be approved for Govan as one has opened in Cambuslang. A bank hub offers basic banking services when there is no bank in an area.

Scottish Greens Govan councillor Dan Hutchison said: “The community in Govan have made it clear that they need stable banking facilities in Govan and the Bank of Scotland closing has caused real issues for many locals.

"The campaign for a banking hub has my full support and I hope the situation is fixed soon”