A Glasgow school started the countdown clock to one of their favourite days of the year today. 

Hazelwood School, based in the city's Southside, marked one week to go to their big day out in Troon, taking place next Wednesday. 

The initiative was launched 77 years ago by the Glasgow Taxi Outing Fund (GTOF) - an independent charity within the trade - to take children from additional learning schools for a big day out to the beach.

(Image: Images taken by Newsquest staff)

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Stephen Lalley, treasurer for GTOF, said: “We all work together in the trade to make this an extra special day for the children. 

“The drivers put on costumes and dress up the taxi, it’s just an amazing day out.

“It started with three taxis in 1945 and now we’re on the 77th trip. We want to carry on the fun because we get the fun out of it too. It’s all about giving the children a good day out.” 

(Image: Images taken by Newsquest staff)

Around 120 volunteering drivers will be taking hundreds of kids from across the city in their taxis, which will leave from Kelvin Way in the West End. 

The taxis will drive through Glasgow and on to Ayrshire, where the kids will be able to meet donkeys at the beach, go on some funfair rides and even get some free ice cream and treats. 

Tommy McCrory, who has been driving the kids to Troon for the last 40 years, said the day means as much to him as the youngsters, as he gears up for another trip.

He said: “It’s just a fantastic day. I have been doing this for over 40 years now. My dad used to do it and I loved to help him decorate his taxi, it’s a generational thing.  

“It’s a good thing for the kids – but believe that the drivers get as much out of it. The kids are out of school waving flags, you go past the grocers and they give you fresh fruit for the kids and we get them free ice cream and sweets.”

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Tommy added that the day is always quite emotional for the cabbies too. 

He said: “The whole of Troon turns out for you, it’s really emotional actually. 

“One of the boys, a few years ago, it was his first trip and he said he couldn’t see where he was going for crying. He’s not an emotional guy but he just didn’t expect the turn out. 

“It’s a fantastic, great day – I can’t wait.” 

(Image: Images taken by Newsquest staff)

Jim Buchanan, chairperson of the outing, added: “We’re all excited, everybody is. 

“The kids are buzzing. They go back to school the next day and they want to go back to Troon. 

“I know a lot of the kids think about it all year round. It feels fantastic to us to be able to do this. We can’t thank the drivers enough for the time and effort they put into it.”

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