A Scottish band have said they are buzzing to tick off a bucket list gig in Glasgow – and the venue might surprise you. 

Despite playing at venues like the Barrowland Ballroom, O2 Academy and King Tut’s, The LaFontaines from Motherwell surprisingly can’t wait to play HMV on Argyle Street. 

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The band, which is Kerr Okan (vocals), Jamie Keenan (drums and vocals) and Darren McCaughey (guitars and production) will play at the city centre store on June 20.

Kerr said: “I remember seeing my uncle play in HMV over 25 years ago when his album came out. As a wee guy, I thought that was the f***ing coolest thing ever. 

“So, at my age now (35) to get that off the bucket list, I’m buzzing, really looking forward to it.”

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Jamie said the gig would be extra special as he remembered tripping to the very same store on Saturdays with his pocket money as a kid. 

He added: “I remember when I was a wee boy, maybe 12 or 13, I would spend my pocket money on a Saturday getting the train into Glasgow, buy a new album from HMV and on the train home I’d be sitting reading the sleeve – I used to love that.

“I don’t think we have played in a record shop before, so I’m looking forward to it.”

(Image: Images from Chuff Media)

2024 is clearly the year of surprising concerts for the band after they gigged at a soft play area in Glasgow earlier this month.

The idea behind the show, which took place at Inflata Nation, was to give parents who might not have the time or money to go to concerts a chance to rock out. 

As a new dad himself, Kerr said: “Being a new dad, and having a nearly two-year-old, I know the plight of parents who like me love gigging but just struggle to find someone to watch their kids. 

“It’s either finding the childcare or worrying about who will watch the baby if we can’t get any or if it will be too late of a finish. So, I just thought, well, why don’t I put a gig on during the day where parents can experience a gig and the kids can go bounce about daft in a place that’s best for them? 

“It’s the best of both worlds and I just thought, why has no one done this before?”

(Image: Images from Chuff Media)

The soft play show comes after a period of inactivity from the group, who have spent the last five years writing incredible smash hits, according to Jamie. 

Fans will be able to hear the new tunes on the group’s forthcoming album, Business As Usual, which comes out June 14. 

Teasing fans on what they can expect, Kerr said: “From the reviews that have come out so far, we have been told that it is our most personal record yet – as well as our most dancey. 

“It’s uplifting and it feels like a summer record.”

The band, who have opened up for an array of artists across the genre spectrum likes of N-Dubz, Twin Atlantic and Yungblud, said that genre is not a thing on the new album or for them as a band.

Kerr explained: “Genre is not a thing that ever concerns us, we don’t give a f***, why should we? 

“I think genre in this day and age is not a thing. I know all about mixing genres and the reaction that gets.”

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Fans will be able to hear the new tunes at the HMV show, as well as the band's show at the Barrowlands on September 13. 

For Kerr, the East End venue is his favourite in the world

Kerr said: “It is the best venue in the UK and my favourite in the world – there is so much life in that room.”

Jamie added: “It’s miles better (than anything else in the UK).”