Greggs is re-applying for permission to open a new shop at a Glasgow train station.

The bakery last year submitted a bid to take over a unit in the middle of Glasgow Central Station.

Glasgow City Council's planning committee rejected the application in February, stating that the shopfront would be "obscure and inactive" and "would not respect the appearance of the listed building".

After changes were made to the proposal, the food giant is again asking for consent to re-fit the space and open a new store.

(Image: Current unit)

(Image: Proposed look)

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The new documents revealed that the solid bulkhead will no longer be installed, see-through fridges utilising glass panels would be to be used instead of solid-backed units and there would be no vinyl signage attached to the window.

Papers stated: "It is our view that the alterations required to utilise the unit i.e. installation of free-standing fridges, counters and kitchen area are all interior works or installation of moveable equipment which will not affect the character or special architectural or historic interest of the station.

"The tenant proposes to address the council’s concerns around obscuring windows or the creation of inactive shopfronts."