First Minister John Swinney has apologised to patients who have faced treatment in hospital corridors. 

At First Minister’s Questions today, Mr Swinney was questioned by Anas Sarwar after the Labour leader said overcrowding in Scotland’s emergency departments has led to more than half treating patients in hospital corridors.(Image: Image of John Swinney from PA)

Mr Swinney expressed his regret, saying he had seen media reports this morning of a particular case at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and apologised unreservedly to anybody who has that experience.

It is believed the report was from today's Glasgow Times, where we exclusively revealed that an 80-year-old man was left in a 'storage room' at QEUH for hours after suffering a stroke. 

Because he tested positive for Covid-19, the pensioner couldn't be placed in a mainstream ward, and was left in a room filled with medical supplies and no water, buzzer, or access to a toilet.

The pensioner's son told the Glasgow Times that the room was also lined with several drinks which he claimed belonged to staff. He added that staff would come in and out, and take sips of juice while his dad lay there waiting to use the bathroom and receive medical attention. 

(Image: Images of the man's room, sent to the Glasgow Times)

(Image: Images of the man's room, sent to the Glasgow Times)

However, an NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spokesperson said they had placed him “in the resus room which is routinely used to care for patients."

They added: "While we do not comment on individual cases, we would like to apologise to this family whose loved one did not experience the level of care they would expect.

"Our clinical teams have been in close contact with the family throughout in an effort to address concerns that have been raised."

The patient's son has now hit out, saying that we hear the word sorry constantly from the government but to no avail. 

He said: "I'm glad it's being spoke about at this level but if you look at amount of people this is happening to then maybe words aren’t enough anymore

"We hear the word sorry from government every day over something wrong they are doing or have done. Mean it and do something about it, that's what people notice not just words." 

(Image: Image of Mr Sarwar from PA)

Mr Sarwar shared the same sentiment at FMQ's as he responded to Mr Swinney's apology. 

He said: “Week after week we’ve been hearing apologies from SNP first ministers.

“Then we just get apologies the week after and the week after. Nothing actually changes in terms of people’s lived experience.”