Glasgow will be almost as hot as Ibiza today with temperatures reaching the mid-twenties.

We previously reported that the city was set for a heatwave this week with highs of 27 degrees.

Monday will see sunshine as well as temperatures creeping up to 23 degrees, meanwhile on the Spanish party island temperatures are expected to reach only two degrees higher. 


BBC weather reports: "Sunny conditions will continue through much of the afternoon. A few areas of patchy cloud will drift by occasionally without amounting to any rain. It will be a warmer day for many.

"Tonight will be mainly clear and dry. Towards dawn, clouds will move in from the south and west. It should continue mainly dry with a gentle southerly breeze."

Hayfever sufferers should take care as the pollen reading for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is 'very high' followed by 'high' on Thursday and Friday. 


Unfortunately, while it is set to stay reasonably warm, the sun will disappear by tomorrow and be followed by showers on Wednesday.

A reading continues: "Wednesday will see increasing clouds and winds with spells of rain, heavy at times moving in from the south in the afternoon. Thursday may see some spells of rain early but the rain and clouds soon move off leaving plenty of sunshine.

"Friday will be breezy and cool with showery spells of rain in the morning. Turning drier and brighter in the afternoon."