A DEDICATED Clydebank man is celebrating being one of the most committed Scottish donors by giving his 174th pint of blood.

Alexander Scullion, 68, from Linnvale, has been loyally giving blood for more than 45 years - improving the lives of over 500 people - making him one of the country's top donors. 

Aiming for four donations (four pints) every year, the maximum someone can give, Alexander has made sure to attend every appointment he can after being inspired by his dad.

This includes during the Covid-19 pandemic where he didn't miss a single appointment.

To celebrate his accomplishment Alexander is asking those who can to also give.

After a close relative of his had an incident requiring 28 pints of blood, Alexander says it made him so happy to know that he had been donating all these years and saving lives.

Alexander ScullionAlexander Scullion (Image: Colin Mearns)

He said: “In the last couple of years I have been going to Glasgow Donor Centre. I used to go into a Clydebank sports hall but things have changed since Covid.

"During Covid, when I phoned them up I thought, 'no, they wouldn't let me give blood' but it was the opposite.

"I know people have gone and tried to give their first pint and had a bad experience with it, it's been sore. But I haven’t had any issues like that, it’s been a doddle."

Alexander says his family have always been fit and active, inspiring him to be a donor. He stays active even now swimming three miles and cycling 30 miles every week.

He added: "My mother was 95 when she passed and she was still swimming in Loch Lomond up until her 80s.

"I would go in with her – it was baltic.

"My mum would do 100 lengths a week in her 80s, and then she'd have a bottle of whisky at the weekend. She was a hero of mine.

"My father gave about 30 pints of blood and he stressed how good a thing it was to do. He was in the Navy so I thought, 'This is the thing to do'.

"You start doing it and you have no idea how long you will keep doing it.

"I was giving blood all the time and then my relative needed so much, it was ironic.

“I think they reckon 5% of the population give blood but 100% of us may need it in our lifetime. What happens if people need blood when no one is giving it?" 

In 2011, Alexander was gifted a quaich and certificate after achieving 125 donations.

Alexander ScullionAlexander Scullion (Image: Colin Mearns) The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) says Alexander's donations make him one of the most committed and he has saved or improved the lives of up to 522 patients in Scotland.

Now retired from being an electrician, Alexander says he will continue to keep giving as much as he can.

He said: "I’ve always wanted to give blood. I’ve not been trying to set a record, I just keep giving and I feel alright so I just keep doing it. I'm just trying to encourage everyone else to do it. I like giving it because it makes you feel good.

"If they tell me I can keep going I will go.

"If you feel fit and healthy and can give blood, why not keep doing it? I think it’s a brilliant thing to give blood."

Debbie McNaughton, associate director of Donor Services SNBTS, said: “On behalf of all at SNBTS I’d like to extend our congratulations and huge thanks to Alexander for reaching such a milestone.

“174 donations of blood means he is certainly one of Scotland’s most committed donors. As each donation can be split into three separate parts – red cells, platelets and plasma, this means he has saved or improved the lives of up to 522 patients in Scotland – a remarkable achievement.

“He has consistently attended Glasgow Donor Centre, and our local session in Clydebank, over many years, so once again I’d like to extend our thanks to him. On behalf of all the patients who have received your blood – thank you, Alexander.”