A post-punk icon has recalled a “f***ing great” night on Glasgow's Sauchiehall Street in the 1980s. 

“I remember doing a gig at Glasgow Tiffany’s on Sauchiehall Street. God almighty, it was rough,” Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order said. 

He continued: “You’d be barricading yourself against the audience, it was crazy. Then you’d walk out on Sauchiehall Street and wonder why the coppers used to walk around in threes. 

“I remember coming out of that gig in Tiffany’s and going to a club up the road. The whole of the street was fighting, it was f***ing great.”

(Image: Image of Peter Hook, taken by William Ellis)

Peter, more affectionately known as Hooky, helped change the shape of music when Joy Division and New Order broke onto the scene in the 70s and '80s respectively. 

From Love Will Tear Us Apart to Blue Monday, the bassist has been behind some of the biggest hits in the industry. 

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Despite having the world’s stage though, Peter loves a gig in Glasgow. 

He said: “If someone says to me, come and do a gig in Glasgow, just try and stop me. I’ve always had a wonderful time in Glasgow. 

“The way that Manchester music is celebrated in Glasgow is second to none. We’ve had many great gigs there.

“The first time (Joy Division) played in Glasgow was when we were supporting Buzzcocks (Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?) at The Apollo. 

“It was the highest stage I had ever seen in my life. I remember that one very well and vividly. I was in absolute shock.”

(Image: Image of Peter Hook, taken by Mark McNulty)

And for Peter, a Glasgow crowd certainly has an edge over any show in the country’s capital. 

He explained: “Glasgow has great audiences, just fantastic audiences it couldn’t be more different from Edinburgh. 

“We played the Playhouse and got booed off because of our attitude. It was very weird. It was a very genteel booing though; In Glasgow, you’d be bottled off – I adore the contrast of the two cities.

“Glasgow is a truly wonderful place.” 

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Peter is set to return to the city later this year with his band, Peter Hook and The Light - which also consists of Jack Bates (Bass, electronic drums, cymbals, cowbell), Paul Kehoe (Drums, keyboards, synthesizers), David Potts (Guitars, backing vocals) and Martin Rebelski (Keyboards, synthesizers).

Peter is the lead vocalist of the group - which play New Order and Joy Division’s records in full, as well as lesser-known tracks and B-sides. 

Speaking on what fans can expect from the show, Peter said: “I’m not trying to recreate Joy Division or New Order; I’m celebrating the sound. 

“People will hear a very passionate, very honest and faithful rendition of the songs.”

Image taken by Mark L Hill

Opening up about the late and ever-wonderful Ian Curtis, Peter revealed that it was because of him that he formed Peter Hook and the Light. 

Peter explained: “I wanted to celebrate Ian’s life. 

“Joy Division were professional for seven months before Ian died and we made no money in our career as a group and yet, it’s gone on to change the world of music. 

“When I used to get dispirited, Ian used to always say to me, ‘Don’t you worry Hooky, we’ll be going to Brazil, Mongolia, we’ll be playing our music all over’. Sadly, he never got to see that but every time I turn up somewhere that Joy Division have never played before, I always think this is for you, Ian. 

“And you know, he was absolutely right; our music would make it.”

Peter Hook and The Light will play at the O2 Academy in the city’s Southside on Friday, October 11. 

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