A Glasgow man sent abusive emails to his housing association.

Between November 3 and 11, 2023, Ewen Cameron sent several messages to Glasgow Housing Association.

In one, he stated: “You are lying b******s. You don’t give a f**k about your customers.

"All you do is s**k each other off and cover each other’s a**es.

"I have 12 recordings between you and me which will prove you are lying c**ts. I will upload and post it to every social media outlet I can get.”

The Westerton resident also emailed the organisation's manager, saying: “You think I am stupid enough to get rid of the evidence?"

The emails were reported to police, who went to Cameron's home and spoke to him.

He argued with cops and was arrested, cautioned and charged.

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Cameron appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week after he pleaded guilty to sending messages and emails that were grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscure or menacing character.

He admitted using threatening language and making sexual remarks as well.

His solicitor told the court: "It’s fair to say that, to some extent, he was disgruntled.

"He is 58 years old. He has had a tenancy for around two years. There was a dispute with a neighbour in relation to a number of issues such as boundary rights.

"However, the position is that the neighbour has now moved. There are new tenants and his relationship with them is good.

"The conflict with the housing association was because they did not take his complaints seriously."

Sheriff Lunny remarked: "It doesn’t justify the language. This is not the way to go about this."

The lawyer said: "He concedes his actions were very inappropriate."

There was a discussion regarding the motivation behind the sexual remarks.

The sheriff concluded: "It’s not sexual, it’s more just abusive. There is no need for registration."

Cameron's lawyer continued: "He has got employment. He has substantial earnings from his last employment. He is currently working seven days a week. He is in a new relationship."

He was fined £800 plus a £40 victim surcharge.