An event at Glasgow's Hydro with a Rangers legend and TikTok star has been cancelled weeks before it was due to go ahead.

TikToker and model Caz Milligan was set to take on Ibrox hero Nacho Novo in a fight at the city venue on August 10.

Now Caz has admitted to his followers that the event is no longer going ahead due to various factors.

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The event has also been removed from the Hydro's website.

Speaking to fans in an Instagram video, he said: “I bit off more than I can chew.

“I’ll take accountability on that. I had a successful first event in a hotel and I got the contacts to the Hydro and I got the contacts with Novo and I just got too excited and we just went too big too early."

He also addressed Novo's history of health problems, as he suffered a heart attack while playing for the Rangers legends in 2018.

Novo then underwent emergency surgery and had a pacemaker fitted.

Caz said: "I never knew about his heart conditions or his heart attack before signing the contracts.

“I should have done my research before going ahead with Nacho Novo. I got too excited, I seen all these opportunities and everything coming at me and I went for it."

It comes after Novo reassured fans he had been given the go-ahead by his doctor for the fight as his heart was 'stronger than ever'.

Caz assured those who had tickets to see the fight that they would be contacted by Ticketmaster and refunded.

He added: “This is a bump in the road, it's cost me tens of thousands of pounds – I’ve lost so much money.

“This is the journey of entrepreneurship, you win some, you lose some and you learn along the way."