An up-and-coming band have said it feels mad to have a famous Trainspotting star as a fan. 

Cloaks, which formed in 2020 after meeting at Riverside Music College in Glasgow, have pricked up the ears of music lovers across the country and even Robert Carlyle. 

Finlay Harrison, guitarist for the group, said: “That was mad, it was so random. 

“We had just brought out the EP and he mentioned one of the tunes on Twitter when he was listing his favourite songs of the week. 

“He said he really liked it, and we had a bit of back and forth with him and that was really cool. I don’t even know how he found our music.”

Vocalist Thomas Trainer added: “It’s crazy to see those words of affirmation from someone like him who has been and done it all in the acting world

“We weren’t expecting it at all and as a small band, we really didn’t think something like that was possible at the time.”

(Image: Image of Cloaks supplied to the Glasgow Times)

The five-piece, which also consists of Jamie Wallace (Guitar), Ben Troy (Bass) and Lewis Findlay (Drums), became mates after realising they all loved the Artic Monkeys while studying audio engineering at the city college. 

The group, who hail from Scotland’s West and East Coast as well as parts of South Lanarkshire, quickly went from writing songs together during the pandemic to adding some of Glasgow’s most famous venues under their belt. 

Having played various stages on Glasgow’s club circuit such as Audio, the group have played a number of support gigs in King Tut’s, opening up for stars like Neon Waltz (known for their big hit, Dreamers) and PG Ciarletta – the man behind Tartan Army’s Glasgow to Berlin tune. 

Finlay said: “King Tut’s has been our biggest gig so far. 

“Playing there was so cool, everyone knows that venue.” 

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The group even had support slots lined up at two of the city’s biggest stages – Oran Mor and Saint Luke's - but both were cancelled due to illnesses or injuries. 

Thomas said: “It was brutal. It felt like a curse.” 

The band are set to return to the city on July 26, to play at the famous Broadcast on Sauchiehall Street. 

It comes after the release of their new single, Mainframe, which premiered on BBC Radio Scotland’s Billy Sloan Show.

Sloan commended the group, saying: "another great track from a great new band."

Speaking on the upcoming gig, Thomas said: “We’re excited to play Broadcast, absolutely. 

“But, as time goes on, we’re excited to play out with Glasgow and expand because we’ve only played in the city or Paisley so far.”

(Image: Image of Cloaks supplied to the Glasgow Times)

So, despite plans to branch out, what’s next for the five-piece? 

Fans will be excited to know that it’s more EPs. 

Thomas said: “We’re sticking to EPs for a while, rather than creating an album.

“We want to take it slow and build up the fan base a bit.”

While Findlay teased: “We have a few tunes done now though, they just need a bit of mixing and they’ll be ready to go.”

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Tickets for the Broadcast show are now on sale and can be found HERE 

To find out more about Cloaks, click HERE