Labour's Maureen Burke has promised to never forget her community after gaining the Glasgow North East seat from SNP's Anne McLaughlin. 

Burke won the seat with 15, 639 votes - beating McLaughlin's tally of 11,002. 

The result means that McLaughlin will no longer be the MP of the constituency after after holding the position since 2019. She previously held the role between 2015 to 2017. 

(Image: Maureen Burke, captured by Colin Mearns)

(Image: Maureen Burke with Anas Sarwar, captured by Colin Mearns)

Also standing for Glasgow North East was Ewan Lewis from the Scottish Greens who received 2,471 votes, while Robert Connelly from Scottish Conservatives got 1,182, and Jonathan Walmsley from Reform UK got 2,272. 

Meanwhile, Catherine McKernan from Alba received 551 votes from Glasgow North East votes, Sheila Thomson from Liberal Democrats got 592 and Chris Sermanni from Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition received 236. 

(Image: Image: Newsquest)

Following the victory, Maureen Burke said: “Today, people across Glasgow, Scotland and the UK have voted for change and my message to my community is as your member of parliament, I will deliver that.

“I promise I will never forget my community and the trust you have put in me.

“Glasgow North East isn’t just a constituency for me, it is my home and has been my entire life. It is where I grew up, settled down, brought up my family and now, I have the honour, of representing it on the floor of the House of Commons.

“The idea of a working-class woman like me could ever achieve a thing like this is only possible in our Labour team.

“The message from Glasgow tonight is clear, after 14 years of chaos from the Tories and 17 years of incompetence from the SNP, Glaswegians have spoken in the strongest possible voice by sending a strong team of Labour MPs to be at the heart of our new Labour government.

“The task going forward will not be easy, but the trust put in us won’t be forgotten."

(Image: Maureen Burke with her daughter, captured by Colin Mearns)

It comes after we previously reported that Scottish Labour have gained all six seats in Glasgow. 

The results are as follows: 

Glasgow North East   Maureen Burke 

Glasgow East  John Grady 

Glasgow South  Gordon McKee 

Glasgow West    Patricia Ferguson 

Glasgow South West   Dr Zubir Ahmed 

Glasgow North   Martin Rhodes