The owner of an American bulldog asked for it to be killed following an attack on another dog and a man.

Paul Davidson appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court after his pet injured a dog walker and his pup in Rutherglen on July 23, 2022.

The victim took his dog for a routine walk and as he was walking on the footpath, he saw a large bulldog-type dog in a front garden area of a property.

The animal ran towards them, jumped over the fence and ran up to them.

It grabbed onto the leg and body of the other dog, causing injuries.

The man picked up his dog as the bulldog attempted to sink its teeth into it.

Both the pup and his owner were injured.

39-year-old Davidson came out and shouted at his dog to get back, unsuccessfully.

He had to pull the pet away and bring him back as he told the dogwalker he was sorry.

The victim went to the vet and had his dog treated for lacerations.

He also received treatment for his injuries. His lacerations had to be closed with glue.

Police were called and Davidson was cautioned and charged. He replied: “I don’t know what to say”.

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The Rutherglen man appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court last week after he pleaded guilty to being the owner of a dog that was out of control, not on lead or monitored.

He admitted the animal growled at a man, lept over the fence, attacked the other pet and bit its owner.

His lawyer said: "He still has the dog, it’s muzzled and on a lead in public. He believes the dog should be put down."

Davidson told the court that the same American bulldog has attacked his other dogs in the house.

Sheriff Vincent Lunny explained that initially, he wasn't minded to order the dog to be killed but he added: "If that is what I am being asked to do, if keeping it muzzled and on a lead will not be enough and it is only a matter of time it hurts another dog, I will make the order."

A destruction order was made for the animal.

Sheriff Lunny remarked: "I will take into account that you are being a responsible owner."

Sentence was deferred.